ShamalaShamala is situated on the northeastern end of the Rala Peninsula, at the mouth of the Salom River flowing from the Nama Pass into the ocean. Its favourable location means that Shamala has long controlled the eastern end of the valuable trade through the Nama Pass, establishing the fort at Meromo in order to try and better control and guard this trade. However, this focus on the land is not without its cost: Shamala’s navy is not typically able to hold out against those of Neo Hampshiria and Restor, and the roaming Rumo tribes have been known to raid Shamalan lands, or even the city itself, when their eastern grounds prove too difficult or fruitless.

Shamala has a difficult history with the Kingdom of the Occident, viewing the kingdom as a mere upstart and frequently competing with it over trade through the enormously important Nama Pass. Prior to the foundation of the Kingdom, the Shamalan Dukes tried several times to assert sovereignty over the Dukes of Nama Pass, a fact which has not been forgotten by the Occidental Kings who descended from these dukes.

The Great Temple

One of Shamala’s most famous edifices, the Great Temple is the largest temple to any god in the western lands, and is nearly as old as the city itself – the innermost sanctum of the Temple is built on the site of the original humble shrine to Abadar. Today many clerical orders call the Temple complex home, although in the city at large, Abadar and Erastil are the most popular gods.

The Great Temple is home to many famous and potent works of art and magical creations, and the Keeper of the Shrines, the temple’s ultimate administrative authority, is a very influential person in the politics of Shamala, having a seat on the Duke’s advisory council and immediate audience with the Duke.

The current Temple is considered the pinnacle of Middle Shamalan architecture, dating back to 1104 – more than 300 years – and its many domes and supporting arches are reminiscent of the elven-derived style later adopted by the Occidental bards for their famous singing hall in the elven tradign


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