RestorOne of the Ralan city-states, Restor is particularly famed for the quality of its smiths’ work. Proximity to the dwarven trade city of Lazak as well as a large gnome population mean that Restor’s forges can produce works of exquisite intricacy and strength such as other states can only dream of producing. This expertise has lead to the creation of the iron ships and airships, which Restor’s Lords Mayor have used to help maintain their independence in the face of their larger, wealthier neighbours, Neo Hampshiria and Shamala.

Restor is home to the itinerant adventurers Xandorius, Masamune Hiro, Tswnn, and Ragnar, as well as Count Crannor and Quill Ratchet


The cities of Lazak and Restor have a very long shared history, and both have left their mark indelibly upon the other. Restor’s superb smiths and craftsmen owe much to the learning they are able to glean from the dwarves, however dearly bought, and it is not unknown for dwarves to take up positions as craftsmen within Restor.

The relationship between the cities is not wholly without tension, however. The Peaceful River which flows through Restor has its source in Lazak, and the sluicegates and reservoirs of the dwarven city give them the power to dry up Restor utterly. Consequently, the Lords Mayor of Restor are often skilled diplomats, being called upon to perform the delicate balancing act of maintaining Restor’s independence in the face of conflicting demands from Neo Hampshiria, Lazak, and Shamala.


The gnomish community of Restor is large and vibrant compared to that of the other human or cosmopolitan cities, and its craftsmen are highly respected and sought-after by the citizens and nobles of Restor. Their skill with “finesmithing”, the art of clockwork construction, combined with dwarven metallurgical techniques, has given Restor its renowned Iron Fleet, capable of sailing faster and further than any other fleet, as well as its prized and jealously-guarded skyships.


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