Adventures With Short People

In Search of a Shroud

Crannor office on Carmine Hill, lower reaches, S side, Livasia Way, halfway between Syrillion and burnt-down house.

Amanitus Crannor: officer in charge of the Carmine Hill.

Family possesses some Elven pieces, as well as a number of local antiquities and heirlooms: two sung wood statues, one a female nude, the other a male hunter, both crafted by great master Decidua. There is also a cracked Eastern urn of delicate ceramics, Third Dynasty. Two double-headed axes from the old local elephant cults.

Cottage of Golden Lilies: an upscale pleasure house on Carmine Hill where the rich go to play.

Attached to the Three Horses Tavern, working-class gambling den, colloquially referred to as “the Cart”.



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