Adventures With Short People

The Wandering Castle

Upon seeing a castle out at sea that Ursen von Wolfgang had pointed out to them, and hearing local rumours of this wandering castle’s enormous wealth (and danger!) the party decided to attempt to visit it. They successfully determined that one must travel in a clockwise spiral around it in order to penetrate its misdirectional spells and set foot upon the landing dock.

While traversing the gatehouse, they encountered numerous traps and defenses, and also found footprints leading down from the roof. The courtyard beyond the gatehouse had a wary three-horn monster animal, and a well in the middle. Tswnn opted to use his powers of flight to explore this well before his companions of the haversack had entered the courtyard, and found a gridwork of branches and feathers woven across it, with a gem in the centre. He removed the gem, and shortly after he left the well a guardian naga emerged. The party was able to negotiate with the naga and allow it to leave; however, the three-horn monster animal, overcome by fear, attacked the party and was killed, and its body taken back to the Falling Breton in order to preserve it for the school.

On the far side of the courtyard the party found a series of rooms laden with traps and exploding barrels, and finally found their way to a sphinx-guarded bridge. Upon giving appropriate tribute to the sphinx and playing her riddle game, they were able to proceed to the main tower of the castle.

Within the main tower, they found many wonders, including a freshly-laid feast in a well-appointed hall, a room with a painting of a noblewoman, and a room whose floor had fallen into the next room below. Leading from this was a passage which led to another room inhabited by an old woman, who called herself Mrs. Blue.

Mrs. Blue successfully convinced the party to leave the castle intact, and offered them certain gifts as tokens of goodwill: a plain stone for Rook, from a sealed valley where the ancient natives of Dondur had placed a helm of great wisdom and knowledge; a mithral kikko set for Roku; beautiful, enchanted blue cloth for Tswnn; an unused chem for Ragnar; and a ring of counterspelling for Hiro. Upon hearing that more three-horn monster animals might perhaps dwell within the same valley that Rook had obtained directions to, Ragnar was seized by an overwhelming desire to visit the valley.

The party returned to the mainland with their gifts, and made preparations to travel to the valley. Rook visited the local guides and studied their books in an attempt to identify the valley based on the rock that had come out of it, while Hiro negotiated with Stella Celestina in order to leave her in charge of the school in the party’s absence. Then, Tswnn cast a spell to carry the party to the valley, bringing them to a rain-lashed mountain valley.



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