Adventures With Short People

Resit-Ur, day 4

The party left Ragnar to scrub down and reconsecrate the temple of Torag and went back to the landing where they had last met the Lazak expedition. There they took the forwards path away from the bridge, finally coming to an engraved bronze door. Beyond the door was a natural cavern, and when Tswnn spitefully cast a light spell upon the lamps near the door, a line of lamps leading through the cavern re-lit themselves.

While following the lamps, the party successfully fought and killed a pair of yellow musk creepers, and was able to obtain 3 doses of caramelized musk creeper sap. Tswnn was also exposed to creeper pollen during a session of roughhousing with Hiro.

Following the lantern-line to its end brought the party to a most peculiar bridge, at the end of which was a tower of dwarven wizards who had been living under the assumption that a mere 100 years had passed since the abandonment of Resit-Ur, rather than a full 1000.



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