Adventures With Short People

Paying the Ransom

11 sung wood statuettes: appraised by Rook at ~1000gp each

Sack of gemstones: appraised by Rook at ~1200gp

Sack of valuable cloths: appraised by Rook at ~30gp, appraised by Tswnn at ~200gp

2 crates of silver ingots: appraised by Rook at ~1600gp

Locked and trapped crate contained two magical books: book 1 is a dictaphone arcane mark spell containing detailed histories of local Dondurian noble families, including some branches of Restor and Neo Hampshiria families. Often details noteworthy characters, including ransoms or details of battles fought. Some incriminating evidence of illegitimate ancestry.

Second book has a spell trap inside its lock which melts any illegitimate keys attempting to open it.



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