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Action so far has focused on the Rala Peninsula, especially the cities of Restor and Neo Hampshiria, and the tensions and struggles between these cities.

The Eastern Lands

To the east of Rala lie many lands. To its immediate east lies the nascent kingdom of Rumo, and beyond Rumo the ancient lands of the Hegem Sea and the Porphyry Sea, where empires rose and fell when the Ralan cities were mere fishing villages and the Occident wandering tribes. Even further to the east lie stranger lands, including the nation of Hanakuni and the ancient Chakat Empire.


Far to the east of Rala, Hanakuni is a large coastal feudal nation. It is the homeland of the self-exiled swordsman Masamune Hiro, and the source of many legends and rumours in the westlands.

Main Page

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