Adventures With Short People

Midwinter in Old Dekton

After receiving a warning from a mysterious blond elf, the party opts not to teleport directly to Old Dekton. Instead, they teleport to a safe staging point a day away and travel on foot to the city.

When they do so, they find that the ground is thick with winter snow, and the city’s magic is causing brilliant green and blue aurorae radiating outwards from the central butte. They struggle through the snow towards the city, encountering roaming frost giants and narrowly avoiding a mastodon patrol.

Inside the city, they find an old cellar containing hidden liqueurs from a bygone age underneath an abandoned human apartment. They then snuck through the streets into the central plaza.

There, they were met by the vessel of Kasarnitus, accompanied by the blond elf, later revealed to be Mathesari, and a white-haired female elf. A number of dragons also landed in the plaza to hear what the vessel of Kasarnitus has to say. He and the other dragons all roar to the sky, causing the aurorae to react strangely. He then informed them that the time of the dragons was over, and that it fell to Mathesari to oversee the transition of the world from the time of dragons to the time of men. Mathesari acknowledged this grudgingly, and the vessel of Kasarnitus proclaimed that the hoard and the city would lie open to all mortals to see and claim. The dragons then flew upwards, vanishing into the sky.


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