Adventures With Short People

Midwinter in Old Dekton

After receiving a warning from a mysterious blond elf, the party opts not to teleport directly to Old Dekton. Instead, they teleport to a safe staging point a day away and travel on foot to the city.

When they do so, they find that the ground is thick with winter snow, and the city’s magic is causing brilliant green and blue aurorae radiating outwards from the central butte. They struggle through the snow towards the city, encountering roaming frost giants and narrowly avoiding a mastodon patrol.

Inside the city, they find an old cellar containing hidden liqueurs from a bygone age underneath an abandoned human apartment. They then snuck through the streets into the central plaza.

There, they were met by the vessel of Kasarnitus, accompanied by the blond elf, later revealed to be Mathesari, and a white-haired female elf. A number of dragons also landed in the plaza to hear what the vessel of Kasarnitus has to say. He and the other dragons all roar to the sky, causing the aurorae to react strangely. He then informed them that the time of the dragons was over, and that it fell to Mathesari to oversee the transition of the world from the time of dragons to the time of men. Mathesari acknowledged this grudgingly, and the vessel of Kasarnitus proclaimed that the hoard and the city would lie open to all mortals to see and claim. The dragons then flew upwards, vanishing into the sky.

In Search of a Shroud

Crannor office on Carmine Hill, lower reaches, S side, Livasia Way, halfway between Syrillion and burnt-down house.

Amanitus Crannor: officer in charge of the Carmine Hill.

Family possesses some Elven pieces, as well as a number of local antiquities and heirlooms: two sung wood statues, one a female nude, the other a male hunter, both crafted by great master Decidua. There is also a cracked Eastern urn of delicate ceramics, Third Dynasty. Two double-headed axes from the old local elephant cults.

Cottage of Golden Lilies: an upscale pleasure house on Carmine Hill where the rich go to play.

Attached to the Three Horses Tavern, working-class gambling den, colloquially referred to as “the Cart”.

The Wandering Castle

Upon seeing a castle out at sea that Ursen von Wolfgang had pointed out to them, and hearing local rumours of this wandering castle’s enormous wealth (and danger!) the party decided to attempt to visit it. They successfully determined that one must travel in a clockwise spiral around it in order to penetrate its misdirectional spells and set foot upon the landing dock.

While traversing the gatehouse, they encountered numerous traps and defenses, and also found footprints leading down from the roof. The courtyard beyond the gatehouse had a wary three-horn monster animal, and a well in the middle. Tswnn opted to use his powers of flight to explore this well before his companions of the haversack had entered the courtyard, and found a gridwork of branches and feathers woven across it, with a gem in the centre. He removed the gem, and shortly after he left the well a guardian naga emerged. The party was able to negotiate with the naga and allow it to leave; however, the three-horn monster animal, overcome by fear, attacked the party and was killed, and its body taken back to the Falling Breton in order to preserve it for the school.

On the far side of the courtyard the party found a series of rooms laden with traps and exploding barrels, and finally found their way to a sphinx-guarded bridge. Upon giving appropriate tribute to the sphinx and playing her riddle game, they were able to proceed to the main tower of the castle.

Within the main tower, they found many wonders, including a freshly-laid feast in a well-appointed hall, a room with a painting of a noblewoman, and a room whose floor had fallen into the next room below. Leading from this was a passage which led to another room inhabited by an old woman, who called herself Mrs. Blue.

Mrs. Blue successfully convinced the party to leave the castle intact, and offered them certain gifts as tokens of goodwill: a plain stone for Rook, from a sealed valley where the ancient natives of Dondur had placed a helm of great wisdom and knowledge; a mithral kikko set for Roku; beautiful, enchanted blue cloth for Tswnn; an unused chem for Ragnar; and a ring of counterspelling for Hiro. Upon hearing that more three-horn monster animals might perhaps dwell within the same valley that Rook had obtained directions to, Ragnar was seized by an overwhelming desire to visit the valley.

The party returned to the mainland with their gifts, and made preparations to travel to the valley. Rook visited the local guides and studied their books in an attempt to identify the valley based on the rock that had come out of it, while Hiro negotiated with Stella Celestina in order to leave her in charge of the school in the party’s absence. Then, Tswnn cast a spell to carry the party to the valley, bringing them to a rain-lashed mountain valley.

Chasing the Attackers

Upon being scryed, surviving attacker limps through the streets and finally knocks on a nondescript door in an alley. Door has a slat-sided grey stray dog sleeping outside it, against a pile of rags.

Dondurian death god: Torag in his aspect as the dead-father

Paying the Ransom

11 sung wood statuettes: appraised by Rook at ~1000gp each

Sack of gemstones: appraised by Rook at ~1200gp

Sack of valuable cloths: appraised by Rook at ~30gp, appraised by Tswnn at ~200gp

2 crates of silver ingots: appraised by Rook at ~1600gp

Locked and trapped crate contained two magical books: book 1 is a dictaphone arcane mark spell containing detailed histories of local Dondurian noble families, including some branches of Restor and Neo Hampshiria families. Often details noteworthy characters, including ransoms or details of battles fought. Some incriminating evidence of illegitimate ancestry.

Second book has a spell trap inside its lock which melts any illegitimate keys attempting to open it.

The murderer trailing

Charlie Chantrelle: foundry worker, taken in for questioning related ot murder of Syrillion priest, found guilty of petty theft by inquisitor, carrying bloody dagger, never charged in connection to murder. Works in Bronze Anvil Casting, on the canal, and lives in a boarding house nearby bronze anvil.

The Trail of a Murderer

Portly red-faced young halfling priest of Syrillion in a Carmine Hill temple informs the PCs:
– There are six temples of Syrillion in the city
- Three have lost a priest
- The first priest was taken five days ago

Cultists flee to a door with a rose carved onto its address plate, used to belong to Missus Miosk. Off the Neo Hampshiria road behind the Dry Market.

In Search of a Beastmaster

Stella C.‘s youth friend with a yen for beasties: an enormous human with a purple parasol. Name: Wolfgang von Ursen. Can find him (when he’s in Dondur) just off the Neo Hampshiria road, near the Dry Market. Grew up in the northern Occident, on the borders of the elven woods. Piercing blue eyes.

Paid 500 gp initially to raise and train the rocs, 500gp on delivery.

Lieutenant Ramorius is the silver-haired human officer in charge of the disembowelment investigation: not noted for being tolerant of civvies poking their noses into messy cop business.

Priest of Syrillion, god of goodness and morality.

Greediest Gnome: seedy dive bar specializing in broken flowerpots and lithe halfling women

Sweaty Smith: vaguely workers’ bar

Toragaryen, pronounced “Tarragon”

Diamonds’ Bar: everything is white and covered in fake quartz diamonds.

A Day About Town

Blond foreman: Rowan Ruddius, helped to oversee the construction of the harbour ports.

Fat man sent by the Dondur merchant Martin Markett

Stella Celestina (natural philosopher specializing in astronomy). Also studies tideline snails.

Driven by a sense of curiosity, the party went to the old Ironshaper estate to oversee the state of the construction. There they encountered the foreman Rowan Ruddius as well as the butler Buddle. On the way back they were cruelly ambushed by a pair of hirelings, a draconic sorcerer and a sniper of some description, who caused great damage to Tswnn before they were found and overwhelmed. Upon being questioned, it emerged that they had been hired on the word of Mathesari.

Where the Wild Things Are

Following Xandorius’ (admittedly muddled) directions, the party enlisted the Cobalt family to sail them to the Ichors’ smuggling cove. There they took a dinghy ashore to explore the villa, where they encountered an enormous animated disco dancer. After the halfling endured certain indignities to his bacon from both statue and dwarf, they were able to disassemble the statue and proceed to the remnants of the villa cum smuggling house.

There they found that the house had been partially wrecked by a roc, which had created a nest for its 3 eggs. The roc appeared and, sensing a threat to its nest, carried Xandorius up to the roof where it began to tear him to pieces. Luckily, owing to the quick spellcasting of Tswnn and Hiro’s immense strength, they were able to save the slippery half-elf, thereby gaining for themselves the riches of this smuggler’s cove.


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