Adventures With Short People

Dekton the Old

In Lower Dekton, the party finds four golden rods in a hall with stray dragon scales and claws. The rods are incorrectly appraised as worth 2400gp total; actual price 2000gp. From one of the draconic sorcerers, they find a bag of pearls worth 800gp, and a scroll of alarm.

Dragon sorcerers: Hashkal Denorson (Brother Estran Denorson), Liana Kealsdottir

A Visit To the Mayor

Marthus Pewbert

Mister Palanta is the drow’s merchant who sells zerk to the surface. Frequently visits the White-Haired Lady in the north quarter of the city.

WHL is an inn up against the northwestern wall of the city, thusly named for the pale thatch used in the roof.

Ganalathathotholo is one of the dwarven cities that sent colonists to Resit-Ur

return from the ogemini

Count Jonas Vulpus
Baron Geddon, of the House Unkladd
Baron Jamiss, of the House Thimbulus
Baron Samwise, of the House Underhill returned in disgrace (he was found to have submitted to the will of a vampire)

All of them held titles in the administration of the city, and were replaced by members of House Colbyrne

Crusade, part 1

Paladin charge of Greenpan: Thomas Nightingale

Cleric acolyte: Billt

Sanno was travelling south of Hellebore’s village and was killed by her as she went north

Tiger Hunting, part 3

The party returned to the town of Little Salia near the wizard’s estate and rested the night there with their celestial prize. Refreshed by their night’s rest, they set out for his estate the next day. Within the walls, they discovered a maze of hedges circling endlessly. While within this maze, they encountered many things, including a pack of blink dogs who were able to overcome their amusement enough to show the party the way into the heart of the maze, where the wizard Kan Telakkan dwelt.

While attempting to find their way into the centre of the maze, the party also found a pool at the bottom of which there appeared to be a jewel-encrusted regalia. Closer inspection, however, revealed this to be only an illusion, and the party opted to forego further inspection, believing it to be a trap or otherwise malicious.

They also found a sand meditating garden, in the centre of which stood a stone that spoke to itself in a strange, incomprehensible mixture of tongues. Upon consuming Hiro’s potion of comprehend languages, Ragnar was able to understand it and speak with it.

Xandorius also led the party to a flower garden whose overpowering perfume filled Tswnn with a blissful desire to spend his days in that garden, breathing in the delicate aromas of the flowers.

Finally, the party made it to the cottage and garden in the centre of the estate where Telakkan lived. Within his house, they were treated to great luxury, and shared dinner with Telakkan, the Geminus Balar, and the blink dog pack. After dinner, the party joined Telakkan in a smoking room, where they discussed their purpose in coming to him. Telakkan opted to sleep on it for the night, and the next day brought them the second statue and a scroll bearing the name and location of a shaper skilled in the making of constructs. In return, the party gave him the falling star and the dragon statue which Xandorius had stolen from Count Crannor’s collection.

Tiger Hunting, part 2

Half-elf woman wearing leathers, blonde hair in a tight braid: Sara Greenleaf. Rides slender roan gelding

White Grove, Staraka, First Rest

Square-cut sapphire gold ring worth 2 000 gp

Tiger Hunting

Tswnn used the scroll given him by the Singing Lake wizards to attune the needle artifact to the cat statue. The needle immediately swung about and began to point northwards and slightly westwards. After some thought, the party decided to head northwards to Shamala, than west through Nama Pass and thence northwards.

In Shamala they listened to the rumours, hearing that the Rumo horde had broken into 5 smaller hordes upon the death of the leading chief, and also some unsubstantiated rumours of clockwork wonders – or at least singing birds – being imported from the south.

While travelling through Nama Pass, they stopped to visit the observatory and spend some time with their friends there, before continuing through to the second city of the Occident and then northwards through the hills and forests of the Spine foothills. In these foothills they encountered a savage landshark, which they were able to defeat with some struggle. On their continued trip northwards, they spotted many interesting things, including a basidirond and a party of 5 brigands that chose to retreat eastwards into the mountains.

After 25 days of travel from Nama Pass northwards, they arrived in the Gallem trading post of Greyslope, where they had palaver with an elven ranger, and fisticuffs with a pair of human trappers in the town.

Resit-Ur, day 8

Upon awakening, the party discovered that Ragnar had found a thousand-year-old cask of dwarven whiskey and consumed it during the night, rendering him drunkenly unconscious. They added him to Hiro’s stack of prisoners and began the climb to the surface.

Just as they were leaving their brewery bedroom, however, they were ambushed by four drow warriors. After a difficult fight, during which Hiro succumbed to the effects of drow poison and one of the warriors very nearly escaped, the party was able to prevail and continue their upwards march. When they questioned one of the survivors, they found that the drow queen Naraza had sent them to try and capture the party in order to prevent them from returning with reinforcements, and that the sorcerer was Senthras, one of her servants.

Near the top of Resit-Ur, the party found 25 dwarves setting up camp in the upper loading hall. They were brought to their leader, Gaznat Redhand, and after some discussion, left the remaining drow prisoners with him, in return for 2 000 gp and a promise to hold their silence towards the Restor authorities with regards to the incoming dwarven colonists.

Queen Naraza sent drow rangers after the party disturbed her colony, to try and capture the party and prevent them from reaching the surface to bring help down to the drow

Senthras, of Rebada’s line, is the sorcerer captured in the lowest drow colony the party visited

Gaznat Redhand: commander of the dwarven rangers setting up the Lazak beachhed in Resit-Ur

8 000 gp in cash from inside the unopenable box, and 2 000 gp from Gaznat Redhand as hush money = 2 500 gp each

Resit-Ur, day 7

Having defeated and captured the drow queen, the party then proceeded to explore her apartments. They found numerous treasures within them, including silver piled under the dining table for poking one’s feet into, and a whip in a trapped bathtub.

While exploring a passageway between her private drug workshop and her bedroom, they also discovered a secret door which, with considerable effort from Hiro, they were able to break open, discovering a trio of chests trapped with exploding runes spells. Xandorius attempted to disarm the traps, but succeeded in blasting himself into unsconsciousness. However, the party was finally able to safely trigger the traps from a distance, and discovered the queen’s notebooks, as well as enchanted goggles, a magic ring, a wondrous corset, and a tattered and patched robe, among other items.

In the kitchen, they discovered a cargo shaft between levels, and used it to explore into the lower levels. Here they encountered a series of drow guards, which they were able to defeat by cunning use of Tswnn’s fireball spell, despite a brief nailbiter with an invisible sorcerer. Somewhat intimidated by the mention of mouthers, the party then opted to return to the level of the Thain’s Apartments, where Tswnn had left his riding gecko, and to rest in the brewery.

Treasure from the Queen’s Apartment


5300 gp
11 100 sp


Alexandrite (700 gp)
Aquamarine (500 gp)
Emerald (1 300 gp)
Banded Agate (10 gp)
Golden Yellow Topaz (600 gp)
Rhodochrosite (9 gp)
Bloodstone (50 gp)
Deep Blue Spinel (300 gp)
Total = 3 469 gp

Art Objects

Ebony Dice (pair) inlaid with Bronze (1 100 gp)
Silver Gauntlets (1 600 gp)
Fine Steel Cloth Coat (900 gp)
Gilded Wooden Miniature (of a Male Gnome) set with Rose Quartz (900 gp)
Gold bound Book (blank) wreathed in Violet Continual Flame (5 000 gp)
Silver Amulet (600 gp)
Total = 10 100 gp

Mundane Objects

Darkwood Shield (Medium) (167 gp)
Everburning Torch (110 gp)
2 x Banded Mail (Medium) (250 gp)
Darkwood Shield (Medium) (167 gp)
Half-plate (Medium) (600 gp)
Masterwork Club (Medium) (300 gp)
Masterwork Composite Longbow (Medium) (400 gp)
Masterwork Dwarven Waraxe (Medium) (330 gp)
Total = 2 324 gp

Magic Items

Divine Scroll (Bane (25 gp), Resist Energy (150 gp)) (total 175 gp)
Divine Scroll (Inflict Moderate Wounds (150 gp)) (total 150 gp)
Arcane Scroll (Magic Weapon (25 gp), Pyrotechnics (150 gp)) (total 175 gp)
Bag of Holding (II) (5 000 gp)
Robe of Useful Items (7 000 gp)
Corset of the Vishkanya (3 000 gp)
Ring of Jumping (2 500 gp)
Eyes of Keen Sight (6 000 gp)
Total = 24 000 gp

Queen’s Hoard total = 46 303 gp


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