Adventures With Short People

Hunting the Ichors

Veyron’s safe house: 4th house on the north side of Verdant Street, just east of the dry market.

Veyron: stocky, muscular human with beady black eyes, short brown hair, and thieves’ brands on his hands.

Veyron hideout interrogation chamber: 5 doses of mild poison, causes pain
6 doses of drow poison
2 doses of chatty drug

Friendlier than any other bard you've ever seen

Victor Veyron, new leader of the Ichor gang. Old Theobold the Bold, middle management for the ichors, based out of a hideout in Sardine Street, behind a low-end wine-seller, the Leaky Barrel. Reeks of rotting fish.

Twitchy Tom, street rough who attempted to assault the party. Like all Ichors, he has crude bleeding-dragon tattoos on his right hand.

Leaky Jerry is the shortest of the toughs.

Rough-looking halfling lady of the street, brown jute dress, brown hair caught in a braid: Sandra D.

Theobold the Bold: leathery-skinned bald man with white eyebrows.

Bear Brown, middle-aged second man to Theobold with one blue and one brown eye, taller than Theobold.

Bodies drip rainbows and melancholy

Quasits and Queries

Conjurer’s name is Mimigo Notoyo

Raking over the embers

40×80 warehouse taken from Occident noble – a second floor can be added with minimal effort.

4500 gp total reward is awarded to the PCs from the bounties and ransoms paid out by the Occidental government after the battle.

Smoke on the Wind

Manus’ two main apprentices – both gnomish men

Cornelius Cordiseps (distant relation of Cornelia)

Dandelius Dorderon

The apprentices helped Manus put together 5 constructs before he evicted them from his workshop. Shortly afterwards there was a large explosion, and when they were able to break past the seals he’d placed on it, they found that the constructs were all missing, along with most of the magical tools (wands of mending, etc.) and apprentice spellbooks that were left in the manor. When tracking in the mountains, the party come across several marks of the constructs’ passage: some herbs, including woad, had been picked by them, and in one spot they dug up and began to chip off some cassiterite (tin ore) rocks. At the cassiterite dig, they were contacted by the constructs using a message spell. The constructs informed them that Manus’ legacy would not be forgotten: the day will come when they “shake the world upon its pillars”. Ragnar, in token of the friendship he wished to share with them, left them his Torag-engraved wight skull before Tswnn used a dimension door to pull the party away.
The First Sparks

Local nobles supporting the independence movement:

Lady Cornelia Cordiseps (gnome)

Baronet Methuselah Myco

(Petty) Baronet Basil Basidio

Kidnapping target: Frederique Farer

Detained on trumped-up charges of public drunkenness of unbecoming indecency: Amelie Erling

Attack on Manus

Leftenant Major Minor of the city militia: blunt and grizzled.

Boomer Goldfield, partriarch and prince merchant of House Goldfield. Manservant and bodyguard: Gardfried.

In Dondur: Day 1

Fitzkrank the Bard sends a guard to summon the PC’s to his dwelling.

William Shakesword, Lord Mayor of Dondur.

Manus’ cook: Henrietta, with a taste for gindy. For six generations of daughters.

Lady Salma Greyhill: pureblooded descendant of the original rulers of Dondur.

On the Road to Dondur

Dragon sorcerer Isaac the Red

Iron-bound book contains intricate descriptions of the plane of Order (+2 circumstance check on related Knowledge (Planes) checks) and names and descriptions of 5 powerful Order elementals

The Tomb of Kasarnitus

Makers of the seals:

Evergreen, Evelyn the Eternal

Took the surname “Binder” after the events of the Fall

Bodies buried in crypt-thing: George and Georgette


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