Bloodthirst dagger

Bloody dagger

weapon (melee)

PRD Page for Bloodthirst dagger

The blade of this +2 wounding dagger is brightly polished. Even when drenched in a victim’s blood, it appears clean and dry moments later, as though it has been newly cleaned.

A bloodthirst dagger rewards its wielder most when used relentlessly against a single target. When attacking a creature that is still bleeding from the bloodthirst dagger’s wounding property, the dagger deals an additional +1 point of damage against the target for each bleeding wound the creature possesses (maximum +10). Whenever the wielder of bloodthirst confirms a critical hit with the weapon, she can choose to deal 1d6 points of additional damage for each still-bleeding wound the target possesses (maximum +5d6 damage). This additional damage is not multiplied by the critical hit, but is in addition to the damage normally added for bleeding wounds. Dealing this damage immediately heals all bleeding wounds possessed by the wielder.


This dagger is set with emeralds and engraved with eagles on the blade. Stolen from Count Crannor by Xandorius while investigating his hoarding activities, the dagger was regarded with suspicion for some time owing to its strong magic and vampiric origins.

It was finally wielded by Xandorius to take the life of a dying dwarven death priest in the undercity of Resit-Ur in a desecrated temple of Torag, at which time Tswnn the Green was able to successfully identify its properties and nature.

Bloodthirst dagger

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