Adventures With Short People

Where the Wild Things Are

Following Xandorius’ (admittedly muddled) directions, the party enlisted the Cobalt family to sail them to the Ichors’ smuggling cove. There they took a dinghy ashore to explore the villa, where they encountered an enormous animated disco dancer. After the halfling endured certain indignities to his bacon from both statue and dwarf, they were able to disassemble the statue and proceed to the remnants of the villa cum smuggling house.

There they found that the house had been partially wrecked by a roc, which had created a nest for its 3 eggs. The roc appeared and, sensing a threat to its nest, carried Xandorius up to the roof where it began to tear him to pieces. Luckily, owing to the quick spellcasting of Tswnn and Hiro’s immense strength, they were able to save the slippery half-elf, thereby gaining for themselves the riches of this smuggler’s cove.



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