Adventures With Short People

Tiger Hunting, part 3

The party returned to the town of Little Salia near the wizard’s estate and rested the night there with their celestial prize. Refreshed by their night’s rest, they set out for his estate the next day. Within the walls, they discovered a maze of hedges circling endlessly. While within this maze, they encountered many things, including a pack of blink dogs who were able to overcome their amusement enough to show the party the way into the heart of the maze, where the wizard Kan Telakkan dwelt.

While attempting to find their way into the centre of the maze, the party also found a pool at the bottom of which there appeared to be a jewel-encrusted regalia. Closer inspection, however, revealed this to be only an illusion, and the party opted to forego further inspection, believing it to be a trap or otherwise malicious.

They also found a sand meditating garden, in the centre of which stood a stone that spoke to itself in a strange, incomprehensible mixture of tongues. Upon consuming Hiro’s potion of comprehend languages, Ragnar was able to understand it and speak with it.

Xandorius also led the party to a flower garden whose overpowering perfume filled Tswnn with a blissful desire to spend his days in that garden, breathing in the delicate aromas of the flowers.

Finally, the party made it to the cottage and garden in the centre of the estate where Telakkan lived. Within his house, they were treated to great luxury, and shared dinner with Telakkan, the Geminus Balar, and the blink dog pack. After dinner, the party joined Telakkan in a smoking room, where they discussed their purpose in coming to him. Telakkan opted to sleep on it for the night, and the next day brought them the second statue and a scroll bearing the name and location of a shaper skilled in the making of constructs. In return, the party gave him the falling star and the dragon statue which Xandorius had stolen from Count Crannor’s collection.



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