Adventures With Short People

Tiger Hunting

Tswnn used the scroll given him by the Singing Lake wizards to attune the needle artifact to the cat statue. The needle immediately swung about and began to point northwards and slightly westwards. After some thought, the party decided to head northwards to Shamala, than west through Nama Pass and thence northwards.

In Shamala they listened to the rumours, hearing that the Rumo horde had broken into 5 smaller hordes upon the death of the leading chief, and also some unsubstantiated rumours of clockwork wonders – or at least singing birds – being imported from the south.

While travelling through Nama Pass, they stopped to visit the observatory and spend some time with their friends there, before continuing through to the second city of the Occident and then northwards through the hills and forests of the Spine foothills. In these foothills they encountered a savage landshark, which they were able to defeat with some struggle. On their continued trip northwards, they spotted many interesting things, including a basidirond and a party of 5 brigands that chose to retreat eastwards into the mountains.

After 25 days of travel from Nama Pass northwards, they arrived in the Gallem trading post of Greyslope, where they had palaver with an elven ranger, and fisticuffs with a pair of human trappers in the town.



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