Adventures With Short People

Resit-Ur, day 8

Upon awakening, the party discovered that Ragnar had found a thousand-year-old cask of dwarven whiskey and consumed it during the night, rendering him drunkenly unconscious. They added him to Hiro’s stack of prisoners and began the climb to the surface.

Just as they were leaving their brewery bedroom, however, they were ambushed by four drow warriors. After a difficult fight, during which Hiro succumbed to the effects of drow poison and one of the warriors very nearly escaped, the party was able to prevail and continue their upwards march. When they questioned one of the survivors, they found that the drow queen Naraza had sent them to try and capture the party in order to prevent them from returning with reinforcements, and that the sorcerer was Senthras, one of her servants.

Near the top of Resit-Ur, the party found 25 dwarves setting up camp in the upper loading hall. They were brought to their leader, Gaznat Redhand, and after some discussion, left the remaining drow prisoners with him, in return for 2 000 gp and a promise to hold their silence towards the Restor authorities with regards to the incoming dwarven colonists.

Queen Naraza sent drow rangers after the party disturbed her colony, to try and capture the party and prevent them from reaching the surface to bring help down to the drow

Senthras, of Rebada’s line, is the sorcerer captured in the lowest drow colony the party visited

Gaznat Redhand: commander of the dwarven rangers setting up the Lazak beachhed in Resit-Ur

8 000 gp in cash from inside the unopenable box, and 2 000 gp from Gaznat Redhand as hush money = 2 500 gp each



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