Adventures With Short People

Resit-Ur, day 7

Having defeated and captured the drow queen, the party then proceeded to explore her apartments. They found numerous treasures within them, including silver piled under the dining table for poking one’s feet into, and a whip in a trapped bathtub.

While exploring a passageway between her private drug workshop and her bedroom, they also discovered a secret door which, with considerable effort from Hiro, they were able to break open, discovering a trio of chests trapped with exploding runes spells. Xandorius attempted to disarm the traps, but succeeded in blasting himself into unsconsciousness. However, the party was finally able to safely trigger the traps from a distance, and discovered the queen’s notebooks, as well as enchanted goggles, a magic ring, a wondrous corset, and a tattered and patched robe, among other items.

In the kitchen, they discovered a cargo shaft between levels, and used it to explore into the lower levels. Here they encountered a series of drow guards, which they were able to defeat by cunning use of Tswnn’s fireball spell, despite a brief nailbiter with an invisible sorcerer. Somewhat intimidated by the mention of mouthers, the party then opted to return to the level of the Thain’s Apartments, where Tswnn had left his riding gecko, and to rest in the brewery.

Treasure from the Queen’s Apartment


5300 gp
11 100 sp


Alexandrite (700 gp)
Aquamarine (500 gp)
Emerald (1 300 gp)
Banded Agate (10 gp)
Golden Yellow Topaz (600 gp)
Rhodochrosite (9 gp)
Bloodstone (50 gp)
Deep Blue Spinel (300 gp)
Total = 3 469 gp

Art Objects

Ebony Dice (pair) inlaid with Bronze (1 100 gp)
Silver Gauntlets (1 600 gp)
Fine Steel Cloth Coat (900 gp)
Gilded Wooden Miniature (of a Male Gnome) set with Rose Quartz (900 gp)
Gold bound Book (blank) wreathed in Violet Continual Flame (5 000 gp)
Silver Amulet (600 gp)
Total = 10 100 gp

Mundane Objects

Darkwood Shield (Medium) (167 gp)
Everburning Torch (110 gp)
2 x Banded Mail (Medium) (250 gp)
Darkwood Shield (Medium) (167 gp)
Half-plate (Medium) (600 gp)
Masterwork Club (Medium) (300 gp)
Masterwork Composite Longbow (Medium) (400 gp)
Masterwork Dwarven Waraxe (Medium) (330 gp)
Total = 2 324 gp

Magic Items

Divine Scroll (Bane (25 gp), Resist Energy (150 gp)) (total 175 gp)
Divine Scroll (Inflict Moderate Wounds (150 gp)) (total 150 gp)
Arcane Scroll (Magic Weapon (25 gp), Pyrotechnics (150 gp)) (total 175 gp)
Bag of Holding (II) (5 000 gp)
Robe of Useful Items (7 000 gp)
Corset of the Vishkanya (3 000 gp)
Ring of Jumping (2 500 gp)
Eyes of Keen Sight (6 000 gp)
Total = 24 000 gp

Queen’s Hoard total = 46 303 gp



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