Adventures With Short People

Resit-Ur, day 6

The party rested in the old smithies, and then began to explore the fire mines. Tswnn used invisibility to conceal himself and rode his lizard to the very depths and heights of the fire mine pit, finding nothing of interest but a gibbering mouther in a puddle of murky water at the bottom of the mine. The party then proceeded to fight and slay the mouther. While exploring afterwards, Hiro reduced Tswnn’s 10-foot pole to a 9-foot pole in the name of science when he tried lighting the waters of the pool on fire.

Upon descending to the next level, they encountered two drow guards, whom they were able to capture. Once the guards had woken, they convinced them to take the party as “prisoners” so that they might slip past the guards in the drow town and into the queen’s dwelling in the old thain’s apartments. They were successful in this, and were able to secure themselves in the queen’s apartments.

Once there, they successfully subdued the queen with a poisoned crossbow bolt, and defeated her two guards and her serpent familiar. When her remaining guards broke into the apartment, they too were defeated.

By the end, the party stood as follows:

Xandorius: 26 hp

Tswnn: 19 hp, and cast 4x level 2 and 4x level 1 spells

Ragnar: 48 hp and cast shape stone, bull strength, soften earth, summon monster II, shield of faith

Hiro: 39 hp



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