Adventures With Short People

In Search of a Beastmaster

Stella C.‘s youth friend with a yen for beasties: an enormous human with a purple parasol. Name: Wolfgang von Ursen. Can find him (when he’s in Dondur) just off the Neo Hampshiria road, near the Dry Market. Grew up in the northern Occident, on the borders of the elven woods. Piercing blue eyes.

Paid 500 gp initially to raise and train the rocs, 500gp on delivery.

Lieutenant Ramorius is the silver-haired human officer in charge of the disembowelment investigation: not noted for being tolerant of civvies poking their noses into messy cop business.

Priest of Syrillion, god of goodness and morality.

Greediest Gnome: seedy dive bar specializing in broken flowerpots and lithe halfling women

Sweaty Smith: vaguely workers’ bar

Toragaryen, pronounced “Tarragon”

Diamonds’ Bar: everything is white and covered in fake quartz diamonds.



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